6 Reasons You Should Start Eating Gizzards

6 Reasons You Should Start Eating Gizzards

Published by Inna on 5th May 2022

About 2 million people worldwide experience iron deficiency. What's truly amazing, is that with some diet changes, you can get rid of iron deficiency.

If you're looking for a food that is high in micronutrients such as iron and B12 but low in calories and fat, it's time to start trying gizzards.

Some people may feel intimidated by the word gizzards, but this delicious food is versatile and full of the nutrients that your body needs to function well. Keep reading to find out the amazing health benefits of gizzards.

What Is a Gizzard?

A chicken gizzard is a stomach muscle used in chickens' digestive process. This small muscle helps chickens process hard-to-digest seeds, and luckily for us, it tastes delicious!

Poultry gizzards have become a delicacy in many areas of the world including Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. They're often used as a component of stews and soups, but you can also enjoy gizzards fried, steamed, sauteed, skewered, and grilled in a number of delicious gizzard recipes.

Why You Should Start Eating Gizzards

Not only are gizzards tasty, but they're full of amazing health benefits as well. Of all the organ meats, gizzards are one of the healthiest and most nutritious. This low-fat, high-protein organ has lots of vitamins and minerals that aid the body without breaking your diet.

1. General Nutritional Values

Before we get into the specifics of how gizzards can improve your health, let's take an overall look at gizzards' nutritional values. This list alone will give you a good idea of what you get out of a single serving of chicken gizzard.

A 3.5 ounce serving of chicken gizzard (the most commonly available) includes:

  • Only 94 calories
  • 0 carbohydrates
  • Nearly 18 grams of protein
  • 2 grams of fat
  • 18 per cent of the recommended daily serving of zinc
  • 14 per cent of a daily serving of iron
  • 36 per cent of a daily serving of selenium
  • 15 per cent of a daily serving of phosphorus
  • 7 per cent of a daily serving of potassium
  • 20 per cent of a daily serving of vitamin B12
  • 18 per cent of a daily serving of niacin

That's a lot of vitamins and minerals packed into such a small serving! With very little caloric value, you can get quite a few nutrients out of your gizzards, and each of those micronutrients provides a different source of energy and assistance to your bodily functions.

While other chicken organ meat also has lots of nutrients, they tend to be higher in fat. Eating gizzards is a good way to get the nutrients your body needs without having to sacrifice high calorie and fat amounts.

2. Vitamins and Minerals

In gizzards, you can also find lots of vitamin C, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Are you wondering what these and the above vitamins and minerals actually do in the body?

Selenium has been shown to prevent breast, bladder, skin, lung, and prostate cancer. It also aids in the production of thyroid hormones which have a positive impact on most bodily functions. It can support reproductive health and protects the body during oxidative stress.

Vitamin B12 aids brain function and red blood cell production. A lack of vitamin B12 can lead to memory problems, dementia, depression, and fatigue. all organ meats are a great source of B12 which is particularly lacking in seniors and people with dementia.

3. Protein for Losing Weight

One of the best things about gizzards is their high protein content. Protein assists your health in two ways.

First of all, high protein content helps you feel full longer. This means that the more protein you take in, the less hungry you'll be later and the less likely you'll be to overeat. High protein diets are recommended for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

Another way that protein helps you lose weight is by helping you burn more calories during the day. So not only will you be taking in fewer calories, but you'll be burning more too.

4. Protein for Building Muscle

With so much protein compared to the caloric content of gizzards, it's easy to stay lean while still getting your necessary protein for muscle gains. If you work out a lot or plan on gaining muscle, it's of the utmost to get your recommended protein serving.

Even if you aren't a serious athlete, the amino acids present in protein can help you maintain muscle mass. So you'll see the benefits of your workouts even if you don't do them every day. Your lean mass will be kept up as well which can aid your metabolism.

A high metabolism can help prevent you from gaining weight even while you aren't as focused on diet or exercise. Overall, you'll get better results from your diet and exercise if you have a high protein intake.

5. Energy Boost

Iron deficiency can contribute to a constant feeling of being worn out and tired. You can get a blood test to see if you're iron deficient and take a supplement. Or you can get your iron intake from a natural source - gizzards!

Iron supports cellular health, immune function, and hair and nail growth. people who have low iron or anaemia experience symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, brittle nails, poor mental focus and memory, and even irregular heartbeat.

6. Low Fat Organ Meat

You can get a lot of these nutrients from other organ meats, but if you have high cholesterol, organ meats aren't recommended. Their saturated fat content is too high.

However, the only organ meat that you can still eat with high cholesterol is gizzards. They're unlikely to affect your cholesterol with less than two grams of saturated fat per serving.

It's Time to Enjoy the Benefits of Gizzards

Whether you're going to try fried gizzards or add them to an amazing stew., you're sure to love the taste and health benefits of gizzards. Once you start eating them, you'll never be able to stop, and your body will thank you for it.

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