​Is Malt Good For Your Stomach?

​Is Malt Good For Your Stomach?

Published by Inna on 26th Sep 2021

Looking through history, malt can be traced back through civilisations to the Ancient Egyptians. Many different groups use malt in their diet for its nutritional properties, but nowadays, often the ingredient is overlooked.

One of the best ways to intake malt is through malt drinks such as Supermalt, Vitamalt, Maltina and Afrimalt. But what exactly is malt? And what are the health benefits? Let’s take a look.

What Is Malt?

Malt comes from barley that has sprouted in water. As the barley grain sprouts, enzymes within it unlock through both heat and water. By unlocking these enzymes, the full nutritional power of the grain is revealed. This sprouted barley is then processed so it can be added to food or drinks, usually in the form of a powder or liquid. Malt can then be added to products such as beer, shakes, cakes, cereals and snacks.

Impact on the Stomach

Malt has been found to have a positive impact on digestive health, which, in turn, can lead to a positive impact on the body as a whole. The digestive system is made up of many organs, with one of the most important being the intestine. The inside of the intestine is a unique environment that dramatically impacts a person’s health. Depending on what is inside the intestine, this can positively or negatively impact a person’s health over a short space of time. The digestive tract is important as this is where energy is extracted and converted.

Malt contains high levels of soluble fibre. This aids digestion in the body by increasing the levels of good bacteria and minimising the bad bacteria.

Additionally, malt extract can increase the number of probiotic cultures in the gut, further boosting levels of good bacteria. Increased amounts of good bacteria can help boost the immune system and prevent illness. It also boosts the absorption of essential nutrients, which can further benefit health.

Within the stomach and the digestive tract are probiotics. Probiotics main purpose is to manage and increase the gut flora levels. Probiotics can be found in many foods, but malt is one of the best ways to deliver additional probiotics to the body the probiotics can survive for a long time - far longer than probiotics in dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt. Studies have proven that probiotic bacteria lasts much longer in malt, meaning it is more likely to positively benefit the stomach.

What Are The Other Health Benefits of Malt?

While one of the main health benefits of malt is to aid digestion and the stomach, there are other additional benefits to be aware of.

Impact on Bone Health

One of the other main benefits that malt has on the human body is by improving bone health. While the health of your bones comes partly from genetics, good nutrition is also vital. Malt products contain nutrients to help with this, and although they may not be sufficient by themselves, they certainly help boost levels inside the body.

In order to have strong and healthy bones, it is important they are made up of a solid structure. Minerals such as Phosphorus, magnesium and calcium help strengthen bones and teeth in the body and malt contains all of these components.

Impact on Mental Health

Recent studies have also identified a link between malt and mental health, although more research is required in this field. In 2017, a Scientific Reports study discovered that the hordenine found in malt (originally from barley) can boost general mood and increase mental health over time.

Vitamin B Benefits

One vitamin found in the malt is vitamin B. Vitamin B includes a number of different substances, including b6 and thiamine. One study from the Journal of Food and Science Technology concluded that malt increases the levels of vitamin B in drinks. Increased levels of vitamin B can help regulate an appetite, increase eye health and add an extra glow to the appearance of the skin. They also help metabolise food, turning it into energy for the body to fuel itself.

Amino Acid Benefits

Finally, malt products also contain many essential amino acids. These amino acids cannot be created and reproduced by the body, and therefore we have to gain them from what we eat. The amino acids are vital in the everyday functions of the body, including repairing muscles and tissue and producing hormones. This means that malt can help the body recover quicker after an injury.


In conclusion, malt products can greatly benefit the stomach by delivering vital probiotics and aiding digestion. However, these are not the only benefits of malt, as it can also positively improve eyesight and feed your body more vital vitamins and minerals while even improving mental health.

Although malt structures do have a number of physical and nutritional benefits, it is important to not simply replace a healthy diet with it. Instead, consider malt drinks as a bonus source of vitamins and minerals. Try not to drink too many malt drinks at the one time, as while they are delicious, many have higher sugar content and low protein levels.

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