Journey into African food - how it all started

Journey into African food - how it all started

Published by Inna on 3rd Jun 2021

My name is Inna and I am an European married to an African. To be more specific I am a Romanian married to a Nigerian. As you can imagine our relationship has been very interesting even from the beginning. From obvious physical differences, to mentality differences and culinary differences, we’ve been trough it all, with ups and downs, with goods and bads. Despite all our differences it seems like we’ve been made for one another and it really feels like we complete each other. And honestly, I love my husband to death, but I could not imagine my life without the Nigerian/African food in it :)). I would say it is one of the reasons I love him :D :))

But, seriously now, I do really enjoy African food (though if you ask my husband he will say that I enjoy any kind of food because, as he puts it, I am a “foodie”), that’s why I decided to write a blog about my journey into it. And this is how I am planning to go about it: every week I will write a mini “guess-what-it-is” story about a Nigerian/African food I tried and at the end of the story I will reveal what I am talking about. I do hope you, my dear reader, will enjoy these little stories, at least as much as I will enjoy writing them :). These stories will include all the fun steps from going to the African shop to buy the ingredients, to cooking and enjoying the dishes.

Honestly, what is there not to like about African food? It is so full of taste and colour! And there are so many foods in Africa that can't be find anywhere else in the world (well, maybe now they can because they've been brought over from Africa). The fruit and vegetable richness and variety in Africa is so amazing. And the way they are used for various dishes is so unique. Just for a moment, please close your eyes and think about a deliciously scrumptious African cherry, then think about a 'gummy' puff puff or a crunchy-on-the-outside and fluffy-on-the-inside buns, now think about the incredibly tasty Jollof rice or the 'mighty' stew (drooling….) Is there any point to mention Efo Riro, Egusi or pepper soup? Ok, ok... I will stop now before you all blame me for suddenly feeling hungry :D and also, I really do need a snack :))

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