Let's just talk about YAM

Let's just talk about YAM

Published by Inna on 4th Jul 2021

Hello everyone! Today I thought we could change the rules of the game a little bit and just talk about yam and how it is usually consumed.

I am sure most of you know that yam is an edible tuber (such us potatoes or sweet potatoes) cultivated mainly in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania and that the skin is quite thick resembling three bark. But did you know that yam flesh can also be yellow, pink or purple? I did not! I just thought yam flesh is white :D. Moreover, did you know that the taste ranges from sweet to bitter or that it can even be tasteless?

As with many African foods, yam can be consumed in many different ways. For example, the most common way of eating yam is by making it into a powder and then mixing it with boiling water until it becomes a chewy dough. This is usually called poundo yam, pounded yam or amala, depending on the way the powder was obtained. This dough is consumed with soups, such as Efo RiroEgusiOgbonoOkra etc.

Yam can also be boiled, fried, baked, grilled or steamed. It is then consumed next to an omelette or with stew/palm oil on top. Moreover, yam can also be used to cook yam and beans porridge. All you need for this recipe is to boil the beans until they are starting to become soft, then add yamcrayfishstock cubes, salt and pepper, palm oil and continue boiling until the yam is cooked. Mmm, I think I know what we are having for lunch today :).


In my opinion, yam is one of the tastiest African foods and I simply love it, no matter how you cook it! What is your favourite way of eating yam?