Six Types of Caribbean Groceries To Enjoy

Six Types of Caribbean Groceries To Enjoy

Published by Inna on 5th Jan 2022

Whether you're a millennial foodie or just an adventurous eater, chances are love trying classic foods from around the world.

You might be surprised to know that reluctance to try new foods can be one of the biggest turn-offs when deciding on a partner. Studies show that those who are willing to try new foods are also more desirable and more adventurous in - other ways. If that doesn't get you eager to try new foods, we don't know what will.

One of the best ways to expand your culinary horizons is to explore and use new ingredients. Caribbean groceries are a great way to try new recipes with some of the Caribbean classics.

Keep reading to learn six delicious groceries from the islands to your dinner plate.

1. Savory Patties

These savoury and flakey pastries are commonly filled with seasoned minced beef or chicken. They are commonly referred to as Jamaican beef patties and they are made of a yellow dough that gets its colour from the turmeric powder used to prepare it.

This is a popular snack or lunch that can be eaten on its own, or inside of a warm and moist coco bread bun. This gives is a tasty mix of salty and sweet flavours.

While beef is a popular filling, it is also common to find patties with curry chicken filling.

2. Jamaican Jerk

Jamaican jerk is referred to the way that meat is prepared. Pork and chicken are both popular in this cooking style.

The meat is rubbed with herbs and spices or it can also be soaked in a marinade. It is traditionally placed over a fire in the ground and covered with aluminium to keep in the smokey flavour.

Jerk dry-rub seasoning or marinating sauce is the essence of flavour. It contains allspice, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper. Together they make a rich, earthy, and exotic flavour that complements chicken or pork in a unique and delicious way.

Be sure to check out our online Caribbean grocery store for jerk seasoning the next time you want to prepare an outstanding chicken dish.

3. Assorted Roti

Roti is popular street food from Grenada, Guyana, and Trinidad. It has an East Indian influence with curry aromas and delicious flavours.

These come in an assortment of fillings, using either curried meats or vegetables. They are wrapped in roti bread, which is a round flatbread made of wholewheat flour. It is a perfect wrap to hold in the delicious curry flavours and it is an easy meal if you are on the go.

While you might be used to the meat that is boneless, these are prepared with bones so be careful when you take a bite.

4. Fresh Okra

Okra is one of the most popular foods all around the Caribbean. It is technically a fruit and it is used to complement many seafood dishes.

It is alleged that okra was first brought into the United States and the Caribbean by African slaves in the 1700s, originating in the region around Ethiopia.

Dishes with okra are not only found in the Caribbean, but are also commonly found in Cajun, Creole, and Southern cooking. It is usually sauteed on its own or with other vegetables but it can also be friend, boiled, or baked. You can also use it to thicken a soup.

If you want to try okra on your next island-inspired dish, check out this online Caribbean food grocery for fresh okra.

5. Sweet Plantains

Sweet plantain is used in a variety of dishes in India, Africa, and the Caribbean. They are prepared in many different ways and their sweet flavour complements salty dishes beautifully.

Plantains have a similar texture to bananas but they are used for different things, While you might be familiar with regular bananas which can be eaten raw, plantains are higher in starch which is why they are cooked. You can roast, fry, bake, boil, or grill plantains to make the perfect side dish for any Caribbean-style dish.

Be sure to visit a Puerto Rican and Caribbean grocery to find sweet plantains.

6. Classic Cassava

Cassava is a classic Caribbean food but it is also known as African food. In the 16th century, Cassava was brought to Africa by the Portuguese, and though it is native to South America, it has become a staple in African cuisine.

It is a starchy root in the shape of a tube and it has a potato-like texture, but a bit more starchy. Cassava is also known as yuca in many parts of South America. You can mash it, add it to stew, fry it to make chips, or make it into bread.

It is so versatile, it's no wonder it is a staple in many parts of the world. You might be surprised to know that it is poisonous in its raw form so it must be cooked properly.

If you wondering, where can I find a Caribbean grocery near me? Visit our website and order Cassava today.

Make Dinner Fun And Flavourful With Caribbean Groceries

If you love to try new foods and explore classic ingredients from other cultures, Caribbean groceries are a must-try. Not only are the foods packed with flavour, but they are also rich in history. Head to your local Caribbean grocery store and try Jamaican jerk, beef patties, sweet plantains, roti, okra, and cassava.

Many of these delicious groceries can create a variety of classic Caribbean foods and make for a cultural culinary experience.

Be sure to visit our website for a full selection of Caribbean groceries for your next meal. 

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