What are malt drinks good for?

What are malt drinks good for?

Published by Inna on 10th Sep 2021

Malt drinks have been around for a long time, and have many benefits that make them a great option! Malt is produced when cereal grains like barley, rye, spelt or wheat are germinated and dried. The grains are ground down and then the malt can be used for many different things, like brewing beer or whiskey as well as being used for bread and other baked goods. Another great use for malt of course is the classic malt drink - a caffeine-free beverage that works as a great alternative to tea or coffee. Many people know of malt drinks or drink them regularly, but what are the real benefits of this kind of drink? This article will go over the top ones!

Improves sleep

One of the main and most well-known benefits of malted beverages is that they can help you to sleep. Warm malted drinks can help you to relax at night and this can lead to a better nights sleep afterwards. The warmth of the drink and the lack of caffeine pair well to cause relaxation in the body that can promote restfulness at night!

They are packed with vitamins

Malted drinks provide an abundance of vitamin D and B, something that many consumers struggle to get their daily dose of in regular circumstances, as vitamin D requires a good amount of sunlight to receive enough of it, and B requires that you eat the right kinds of foods. Just one cup of a malted drink is enough to give you a great source of vitamin D & B if you are not able to get it in any other way!

They are good for your bones

Malt drinks are high in calcium as well as phosphorus and magnesium, and these all contribute to keeping your bones strong and healthy, as they are what bones are comprised of in general. This helps to keep the body strong and can also have long term health benefits in bone health.

Promoting heart health

Malt extract has also been proven to reduce the risk of heart problems by lowering cholesterol. Malt is high in fibre, potassium, folate and vitamin B6, all of which are instrumental in reducing the risk of cardiac disease. It does this by reducing insulin in the body, so more cholesterol is absorbed from the gut where the cholesterol is then broken down. This process puts malt drinkers at less risk of heart health issues.

For these reasons as well as many others, drinking malt drinks can have lots of amazing benefits for the health of the consumer. Drinking one cup of malt drink per day is a great way to remain healthy and promote great sleep, as well as the fact that they taste delicious!

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