How we started

“ 5 years ago, when I first moved to the UK, it was very difficult to get my cultural food products. With no financial means to live off takeout, I longed for the food I was accustomed to. Most of the traditional food I could find in the local stores were either overpriced, of untraceable source, lacked variety and were definitely not fresh. Niyis resolves this problem in a smart and environment friendly way. “

Niyis started as an idea by husband-and-wife Bisola & Irina Adeniyi. We were looking for a website to shop from, that was decent and had good African products during the CORONA pandemic 2019-2021. All the websites we shopped with had either one issue or the other which was very frustrating for us. Most of the time we would have to shop across different places to find all the products we needed, which was cumbersome. The most common problem we noticed was the value of the service, safety concerns and presentation of the products when they arrived at our doorstep. Most of the time there will be issues with our order, but the most disappointing was that we were never nicely treated by the different online shops when we had issues. Because we felt this way, it was certain that other customers felt the same as well. As a customer we all want to be happy when our order arrives, to be satisfied with the products, as well as the customer service. We all want to be treated fairly and with respect, especially when we pay for a service. That way we know our money was spent valuably.

This was a major factor for the launch of Niyis, to be able to provide an optimum service that would be the African and eventually Ethnic market standard. Our goal is to make customers happy by offering high quality products, as well as exceptional customer care and support from the moment an order is placed until the moment it is delivered to the customer.

Our promise is that all our customers will be treated fairly and with respect and that we will deliver high quality services at all times.

We feel that Niyis is also a great opportunity for non-Africans to explore the rich flavour and tastefulness of African food.