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Iwisa Maize Meal (Maize Flour)

Iwisa Maize Meal (Maize Flour)

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Introducing Iwisa Maize Meal, a beloved staple in South African cuisine, available in a versatile maize flour form. Carefully milled from the finest maize, Iwisa Maize Meal offers a premium quality flour that's perfect for creating a wide range of traditional dishes. Whether used to make delicious pap (a staple dish in South Africa), as a base for porridge, or incorporated into baked goods, Iwisa Maize Meal provides the authentic taste and texture that's cherished by generations. With its versatility and superior quality, Iwisa Maize Meal is the go-to choice for bringing the rich flavors of South Africa to your kitchen. Enjoy the taste of tradition with Iwisa Maize Meal.

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