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Tropical Sun

Tropical Sun Peri Peri Seasoning 280g

Tropical Sun Peri Peri Seasoning 280g

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Introducing Tropical Sun Peri Peri Seasoning, a bold and fiery blend of spices crafted to ignite your taste buds with every bite. Available in a generous 280g container, this seasoning captures the essence of traditional peri peri flavor, renowned for its intense heat and complex profile. Infused with a fusion of fiery African bird's eye chili, aromatic garlic, tangy lemon, and fragrant herbs, it adds depth and excitement to grilled meats, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Whether used as a dry rub or mixed into marinades and sauces, Tropical Sun Peri Peri Seasoning promises to transport your taste buds to culinary paradise. Spice up your dishes and embrace the fiery flavors of Africa with Tropical Sun Peri Peri Seasoning.

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